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Hello and welcome to Parnate.org, my website dedicated to the stronger, generic anti-depressant medication Parnate®.

I say Parnate is stronger because MAOIs, and especially Parnate® (Tranylcypromine), increase serotonin and other important neurotransmitters more than any newer and more expensive SRI-based anti-depressants, including vilazodone (Viibryd®) and vortioxetine (Trintellix®, formerly marketed as Brintellix®). Parnate came onto the market in the 1960s.

Regain the Will to Live

When I finally got my psychiatrist to prescribe me the MAOI Parnate, my mood improved immensely. The difference was much greater than with any other anti-depressant or combination of anti-depressants I had ever tried before. * You can have a look at all the medications I tried before here.

I hope any readers suffering from depressive illness and anxiety disorders will likewise be able to finally regain the desire to live.

The Triumph of the New Anti-Depressants: More Expensive, yet Weaker.

The best anti-depressant for a patient is one that gives remission brings the patient back into a healthy state (remission) and has both the fewest and least unwanted side effects. Some patients remit under the newer SSRI/multi-modal anti-depressants.

Unfortunately for many severe and treatment-resistant patients these anti-depressants are not strong enough. This stage is reached once several medications and combinations thereof have been tried.

Why Parnate® is a Stronger Anti-Depressant

MAOIs like Parnate® act in several healthful ways which are greater both in number and strength compared with newer antidepressants. Successful anti-depressant treatment is one that will healthfully re-regulate the neural transmission relationships among key brain regions important in depressive illness.

Serotonin is not magic. ***It does however, happen to be the neurotransmitter most used by neurons in the brain regions related to depression.*** Like and even beyond other MAOIs, Parnate® raises serotonin levels to a greater degree than do other anti-depressants. including being neuroprotective at neuronal mitochondria.

Drug manufacturers as well as research scientists still agree that raising serotonin levels in the brain is the single most important therapy for depressive patients. The majority of anti-depressant drug research and discovery lies in this direction. Other neural pathways and neurotransmitters (incl. inflammatory, opioid, etc.) are also clearly relevant. The prominence of serotonin still, however, stands.

Treatment-Resistance: The Importance of Dopamine

** Reference Meyer "Elevated Monoamine Oxidase A Levels in the Brain", and Sacher "Dynamic, adaptive changes in MAO-A binding after alterations in substrate availability: an in vivo [11C]-harmine positron emmision tomography study"**** Treatment-resistant depressive patients often suffer from excessive fatigue and lack of enjoyment. MAOIs importantly increase dopamine, as well as norepinephrine, and trace amines in the brain. Parnate seems to have therapetic effects beyond the maximum recommended dosage.

Most MAOI-knowlegeable psychiatrists consider Parnate the best choice, or first-line of the MAOI anti-depressant drugs. Note: Nardil (Phenelzine) is a very effective for treatment-resistant anxiety and social phobias.

Parnate has helped many written-off chronic depressives who tried many of the new failing anti-depressants become human again - become productive, enjoy family, work, be glad to be alive.

The Now-Vanished Dietary Restrictions of MAOI Anti-Depressants

Most sources including professional textbooks still parrot outdated dietary restrictions and asseverate grave blood pressure increase if said diet is violated.

Today's Reality

Only a handful of foods need to be eaten in moderation. The old threat of blood pressure response is an anachronism. The vast majority of patients on Parnate and other MAOIs enjoy the same diet they always have.

MAOI treatment before ECT, TMS or Vagus Nerve Therapies

There is no longer any reason not to prescribe MAOIs after less-effective anti-depressants have failed, and certainly before more drastic therapies like ECT and TMS.

I went to 6 weeks of TMS therapy, which more or less worked, only to then fall back into depression. Net result? Family disgusted and down $13,500.

Going straight to Parnate would have saved untold headaches and several bouts of depression. It's time for psychiatrists to make a change and learn how to use these forgotten anti-depressants: MAOIs.

The Purpose of the Parnate.org Website

This web site is for my fellow comrades who have taken anti-depressants for months or even years and not gotten better or have tried them in combination with add-on medications to no effect. I have done both of these painful things. Parnate.org is intended as a website for education and sharing of experiences regarding Parnate® and other medications.

Suffering Patients with Depression Denied Access to MAOI Treatment

Psychiatrists' Ignorance Responsible

Many treatment-resistant patients feel angry when they learn (and they will do) that psychiatrists do not prescribe them an MAOI but instead are so eager to prescribe the latest pre-pubescently flaccid anti-depressant to hit the market, which costs the often cash-strapped depressive patient ~ $400 a month and has no effect over the generic anti-depressant the patient was previously taking; Patients are denied the opportunity and access to the more powerful MAOI anti-depressants.

Meanwhile the drug manufacturer is paying many - often well-meaning but uneducated - psychiatrists thousands of dollars specifically to talk other psychiatrists into prescribing it through so-called educational lectures, which are nothing more than bare-faced disingenuous marketing sessions. Big Pharma's propaganda that advocates vortioxetine (Trintellix, Brintellix) and vilazodone (Viibryd) as 'better' anti-depressants is horse-manurish, and will be dealt with more in detail elsewhere in this site. These anti-depressants seldom provide any improvement for treatment-resistant patients.